“ From the very start, Kazmi is skilled at building anticipation, with the creeping synth and bold, separated guitar strokes that theatrically set the scene." [Have You Here Single Review]

Unrecorded - Aruna River (August 2022)

“ Inspired by youthful experiences of love and loss, Kazmi connects with audiences on a heartfelt level. The richness of her vocals brings a sense of strength, but they also ooze desperation and heartache. Listening to this track is like being tossed into a sonic whirlpool with little dots of coloured light flashing before your eyes – completely overwhelming and intoxicating." [Have You Here Single Review]

The Other Side Reviews - Nicole Mendes (July 2022) 

 "Kazmi’s songs are like letters from a friend. They’re reassuring, insightful, easy to cherish. They invite revisitation, and sometimes even contemplation. And they continue reverberating long after they’re done playing."

Vents Magazine - By RJ Frometa (Feb, 2018)

"Kazmi creates an interesting mix of moody wall of sound and timeless, Leonard Cohen inspired songwriting. ‘Gold Into Dust’ is four minutes of lovely music readymade for rainy Sundays and long drives. The song structured with brilliant bridge you won’t be able to get out of your head."

Impose Magazine (US) - by Sophie Kemp (May, 2017

Ultimately, Gold into Dust captures a range of raw, unforgiving emotion through crunchy overdrive, warm reverb, and reflective lyricism that establishes Nadia Kazmi as a potent, formidable indie rock force.

Atwood Magazine (US) - by Mitch Mosk (May 2017) 

"Earnest, imaginative and relatable without being overwrought, Nadia Kazmi is a compelling blues-infused indie rock artist with a knack for imagery and a lean attack on what it means to be a female on the music scene. Incorporating genres that reach far beyond the tropes of the safe musician"
Black on the Canvas (US) - By Gia Vescovi-Chiordi (November 2015)

“Father Knows Best” is another surprising track on the album. The guitars and rhythm in the song own this song. If you are a fan of the Sheepdogs and the sound that they represent then you can dig this song for sure.”
Matt Hartwick, Kingston Music Reviews (US) (October 2015) 

“Singer/songwriter Nadia Kazmi incites something fierce on her third release, LAMB…where Kazmi’s creative audacity manifests in striking moments of angst and often fuck-all defiance like “Kill The Monster” and the coiled-riffed “Father Knows Best,” the songs boasting punk’s brevity and swagger if not its most jarring sonic discord.”
Donald Gibson, Write on Music (US) (October 2015)

“The initimate songs with its poetic twists and her passionate range are what she’s truly known for.”
Jennifer Khedaroo, Queens Ledger - (US) (September 2015) 
“The murky tune “Haunting” is a tremendous example of how Kazmi approaches blues rock: stylistically it’s similar to the lean attack of Anna Calvi, but Kazmi’s singing steers it into much sultrier territory. It’ll stay with you long after first hearing it...”
Adrien Begrand, PopMatters, (US) September 2015 
"... diverse tunes such as throbbing, angry opener Kill the Monster, chugging and melodically pleasing Lamb In Wolf’s Clothing and strumming beauty Winter’s Queen, which, itself, is a florid take on her frosty prairie upbringing....As a whole, it continues her explorations, a dramatic, dark, smouldering and raw weaving of her poetic observations and intent through the underworld where art rock, smarm punk and indie pop intermingle, where acts such as Cohen, Patti Smith, PJ Harvey and Nick Cave come to drink and play."
Mike Bell, The Calgary Herald (Canada) (August 2015)
“I was hooked as soon as the first track, “Kill The Monster” started playing, and was pleasantly surprised that the songs that followed were just as good. It’s great to hear a super talented female rocker that brings everything she has to the table with her music.”
Jenna Menalson, Canadian Beats, September 2015 

"she’s well worth acquainting yourself with, especially if you like a little bit of grit with your rock and your roll"
Elizabeth Chorney-Booth, Rolling Spoon Magazine  (Canada) (August 2015

Her powerful style of singing meshes perfectly with her backing rock band, which features a guitar player who...charismatically rips on guitar...they not only introduced a slowly arriving audience to their own original tunes, but also displayed some interesting covers of Nick Cave’s ‘Red Right Hand’ and ‘I Am The Walrus." - Live show review @Brooklyn Night Bazaar
- Tom Shackleford (New York), Pancakes and Whiskey (US) (November 2014) 

"...close your eyes while listening to this CD that offers a surprising interpretation of Leonard Cohen as you would never have imagined? A great success... A real cry of love and a moving tribute." (translated from Frenc
   - SM, Le Cri du Coyote (France) (Nov 01, 2011)

 "The strange juxtaposition on Cohen’s autumnal lyrics with that of GNR’s bombastic hard rock made a kind of weird sense. They shared a passionate intensity. Nadia Kazmi takes a more alternative rock stab at Cohen. Nadia covers some of his deepest love songs (“True Love Leaves No Traces”, “Ain’t No Cure for Love”) and most sensual and heartfelt ballads (“I’m Your Man”, “Came So Far For Beauty”, “Hey, That’s No Way to Say Goodbye”) in a take no prisoners manner... The music carries a dangerous edge. Nadia always seems as if she’s at the point of losing control, but she always pulls back—the way Cohen might, and lets the curtain metaphorically drop before breaking out of character. " 
Steve Horowitz, Popmatters (US) 2011

“["Strange Song" is in fact a rock with noisy distortion, dirty guitar riffs and relentless energy of Nadia's voice. Her pure throat sometimes reminiscent of singers like PJ Harvey and Bjork. She is a steamroller that nothing and no one stops. You love it or you hate it. Unfortunately the euphoria only lasts 35 minutes.] (translated from Dutch to English)”
Johan Schoenmakers, Alt Country Forum (Netherlands) (Jul 17, 2011)
"Nadia sounds, on this album at least, like a powerful presence who will do things her way or not at all...A brave album then but one that works extremely well and leaves you wanting more…what more could we ask for?"
Malcolm Carter, Penny Black Music (UK) (Jul 01, 2011)

"...she also bears out her versatility as a vocalist, affecting both subtlety and raw power with unassuming confidence... With considered, well-crafted lines of imagery and metaphors, Kazmi evokes a rare sense of emotional purpose that makes her music all the more compelling."

“The title track instantly reminded me of the 70’s musical Hair; especially the glorious, feel good, sing-along chorus. Meanwhile, “Tyranny Of The Heart”could have been plucked right out of the original Shaft soundtrack. Overall, Arrival is a solid debut that really showcases Nadia’s lyrical prowess and her taste for a universal soul/rock sound.”

“...[A] collection of indie-rock soul songs that will move you — some physically, some emotionally. This album makes me want to slip on a cocktail dress, dig out those killer heels, and sip back a glass of Chateau Margaux. In other words, it's the auditory definition of classy.”
Jane Voloboeva, The Edmonton Gateway (Canada)  (Mar 17, 2010)

"Never failing with her unique storylines, Kazmi leaves the listener questioning what is to come next. Songs like “Mother” have a classic, ageless feel, almost as if they belong in another era."