1. Lamb

From the recording Gold Into Dust

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I was invited up for tea
To the rotten fruit bearing tree
To the castle of wolves and the thieves
I thought I would be the feast
But I was brought in to deceive

I am a lamb in wolf’s clothing
Sent here to show you your face in mine
But you are too afraid to understand
You feel only fear
When you look in my eyes

The pack, they put me in this dress
Unwilling to their lies
But I’m not clever like the rest
So I was forced into this thin disguise
And the wolves they all dressed as lambs I guess


The wolves let us loose at break of day
With our faces painted grey
To the slaughter in a mass parade
With your hunters out to play,
We roam the streets as easy prey


Did you have no suspicions
On a full moon’s night
When only lambs came out to fight?
Shot gun blast
Stopped dead in my tracks
Who is the fool, is it me or is it you?

Repeat Chorus